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Porsche Cayenne Review What Car

The basic Cayenne has a 3.6-litre V6 petrol engine and the range-topper a turbocharged 4.8-litre V8. However, the engines between these extremes are most appealing. If performance is your priority, the V8 S is your best bet: it feels almost as quick as the Turbo in real-world driving, yet is massively cheaper. However, if you can't stomach the high fuel bills, two other options are cheaper to run and far from slow. The diesel is the most frugal Cayenne, averaging 38.2mpg. Alternatively, if you feel a Porsche should have a petrol engine, there's the Hybrid S, which combines a supercharged 3.0-litre V6 with an electric motor. It can run solely on electric power around town and when you lift off the throttle at speed, helping it return 34.4mpg...Read More

Porsche Boxster Review Parkers

The Boxster is the entry-level into Porsche ownership, but don't think this makes owning one any less special. It's just as well engineered, equally great to drive, sounds sublime and costs far less than a 911. Put simply, two-seater open-top sports cars don't come any better than this. There's a choice of two engines, both of which are flat-six 'boxer' units that emit an unmistakeable sound and provide superbly smooth acceleration. Then there's the handling. Thanks to a taut frame and perfectly weighted steering the Boxster is a delight to drive while the superbly balanced chassis lets you know exactly what's going on beneath you. The electric roof is straightforward to lower and with it down buffeting is minimal while the Porsche doesn't lose any if it's rigidity. In fact the only gripe is the lack of standard kit and the expensive options list. If you want more even more exclusivity a limited edition RS60 Spyder edition was launched in March 2008...Read More

Porsche Cayman Review

The Porsche Cayman model range lies within the price bracket of 39,162 - 41,165. Currently the Cayman has not been tested by Euro NCAP and therefore does not have a rating. The Porsche Cayman is in car insurance group 18. All models are expensive (group 20 being the highest rating) to insure. Porsche Cayman emissions (CO2) range from 214 g/km to 221 g/km. All models have relatively high CO2 emissions...Read More